IPOs: Offering Shares and New Risks To Directors & Officers

Consistent with the overall performance of the major indices in 2013, the volume of Initial Public Offerings ("IPO") proved strong through the 12 month period. By most metrics, 2013 was the most successful year for the domestic IPO marketplace since the turn of the century. Favorable interest rates, a bullish stock environment, and a rising risk tolerance created a beneficial platform for investors that resulted in 222 deals and raised more than $50 billion in capital [1]. The 2013 IPO landscape produced 70 private equity backed deals that represented almost $25 billion in proceeds. Ultimately, last year realized multi-year highs for both private equity and venture-backed IPOs amongst a wide array of industry classes and sizes. For example, the number of IPOs with market capitalization in excess of $1 billion increased by 96 percent in 2013 in comparison to 2012 and that increase was nearly twelve times the level in 2008 [2]. Read More
IPOs Offering Shares and New Risks To DO