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Nonprofit, Education, and Healthcare organizations face unique revenue, operational, and governance challenges, with mission-driven value systems much different from for-profit enterprises. Their risks vary widely, from ordinary property and liability issues to complex professional liability, global travel and deployment, and management liability matters – yet few entities employ dedicated professional risk managers. Our specialists provide holistic risk management advice and advocacy to protect against reputational damage and claims that drive costs higher. We design cost-effective risk transfer and employee benefit solutions tailored to each buyer's mission, culture, and operating environment.

Human Service Providers / Cultural Institutions / State Colleges & Universities / Private Colleges and Universities / International Universities / Charter Schools / Community Service Organizations / Membership Associations / Foundations / Nongovernmental Organizations / Religious Entities / Healthcare Providers

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The Nonprofit Revitalization Act-1

The Nonprofit Revitalization Act

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Information Security  Privacy for Nonprofits-1
Information Security & Privacy for Nonprofit

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