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Marketing Statement

As an insurance broker representing clients in the marketing and placement of insurance policies, Crystal & Company solicits competitive quotes, analyzes carrier proposals for coverage terms and pricing, compares proposals to expiring policies, and advises clients with respect to carrier financial security and service levels. This information is maintained in one or more of our systems. We present clients with the results of our marketing efforts so that they can make an informed decision in the purchase of insurance.

Compensation Disclosure

Our compensation is earned primarily through commissions paid to us by insurers and calculated as a percentage of the premium the insurer receives for policies placed on behalf of our clients. Commissions differ by line of coverage and by insurer. Intermediaries, such as wholesale brokers, may sometimes be used to access certain programs, facilities, or insurers, in which case such intermediaries will allocate a portion of the compensation they receive to us. Endorsement requests and other policy changes may affect the amount of premium paid during the term of a policy, in which case the amount of compensation paid to us by the insurance company or intermediary may change accordingly.

In certain circumstances, Crystal & Company may enter into agreements with clients to receive separate fees for the provision of specified insurance or insurance related services. These fees may be in lieu of or in addition to commissions, depending on the client. Fees received in connection with the placement of insurance are always outlined in writing and agreed to by the client before the insurance is placed. We sometimes receive fees from third-parties in connection with services other than the placement of insurance, such as investment income on premiums, claim payments and return premiums temporarily held as fiduciary funds.

In certain segments of our business, some of our compensation may be derived from supplemental or bonus commissions paid by insurers or intermediaries based on criteria designed by the insurer or intermediary, to value all the policies that we place with it in a particular period. To receive a statement detailing all commissions and/or fees received from insurance companies, intermediaries or third-party service providers while acting on the client's behalf in the placement of insurance coverage, please send a written request to:

Crystal & Company
Attention: Controller
32 Old Slip
New York, NY 10005
Or, via email, to corporatecontroller@crystalco.com

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