Removing Cultural Barriers and Saving Over $1.4 Million

A humanitarian nonprofit with employees in the United States and globally across 40 countries had an employee benefits system that was not being used effectively by its foreign national employees. The many cultural barriers hindered them from using our very different (and complex) insurance system. Also, the organization was facing significant cost increases maintaining coverage with an expensive carrier.

In 2013, Crystal & Company became the organization’s broker of record, managing both its domestic and international plans. We generated a combined cost savings of more than $1.4 million from the projected budget. And on the international side, we negotiated a highly favorable medical renewal and transitioned ancillary benefits to a more cost-effective carrier.

The client was also pleased that we removed the cultural barriers that hindered utilization of covered benefits. For minimal additional cost, we removed the deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and the “patient responsibility” rules that foreign nationals — and our own citizens — find so hard to navigate. The resulting program for group medical benefits outside the United States now looks and functions like the benefits to which foreign nationals are accustomed.

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