Audrey Malkin

I’m Audrey Malkin and I’m a Client Executive in the Commercial Insurance Services group. I’m responsible for the overall service delivery on Crystal’s largest property & casualty accounts. I’ve been in this industry for 30 years, the last 10 at Crystal & Company.

What makes Crystal different?
I think every company says they put their clients first, but we go beyond that. We really care, and we are given full license to be able to care. If there is a loss we get on a plane that night. This gives you 24/7 access to a team of people, who have years of experience on the front lines, fighting for the right program, the right coverage, the right price. We understand our clients’ goals and objectives and are relentless about helping them attain those goals.

It’s not always just about insurance.
One of my clients is a university in New York. Their relationship with the community around them is extremely important to them. They were asked to consider acting as a quarantine location for people, in the event of an act of bioterrorism or disease outbreak. They needed help assessing the risk. It wasn’t about insurance coverage but the overall risk and what their responsibilities to the community were, and more importantly to their students. At the end of the day we determined that they had a greater responsibility to not expose the students to this type of risk. We provided them with the facts and advice they needed to make an informed decision. They agreed to be a first aid center and not a quarantine place. This was a very difficult decision for the University to make but we were with them every step of the way. I think they felt confident that they had a true partner.

"It’s exciting to work with people that have the same drive, who are absolutely dedicated to doing the best they can – not just hitting a mark, but beating that mark."

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