Janis Garone

My name is Janis Garone and I’ve been with the company four years. I’m a Managing Director with the Employee Benefits team at Crystal & Company.

What makes working at Crystal different?
At Crystal & Company there is a sense of loyalty, obligation, and dedication to ensuring our clients are serviced properly. It’s the Crystal name at the bottom of the paper.  Every day I feel impactful, which is something I haven’t typically felt before at larger companies. Whether it is the work I do for our external clients or internal clients (my colleagues), what I do makes a difference.

What is special about the client experience at Crystal & Company?

It’s about setting expectations and being more proactive. We meet with clients well in advance of renewals so they can be prepared.  When we are proactive with our clients, we’re helping them be more successful - giving them the opportunity to meet with their financial team. Employee Benefits is a huge expense for companies and they need to be able to properly budget. We understand that. 

"I think that the service delivery model we’ve developed has created a better relationship between Crystal & Company and our clients."

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