Jon Henningsgard

I’m John Henningsgard, I’ve worked at Crystal & Company for 12 years. I’ve had many different responsibilities over the years. Most recently, I've held a corporate development role; expanding our branch operations and overall growth for the firm.

What excites you the most about working at Crystal?
What makes Crystal & Company very unique and special is that we are a national broker, but operate as a boutique firm. We bring a very high level of industry expertise and product experience, but also a high level of business understanding. When you marry the two, the knowledge of business and the insurance, the outcome for the client is a completely different experience.

A relentless approach
In one particular instance, we were asked to look at a large hospital’s workers’ compensation coverage. They were having a tremendous amount of claim experience, but it was wrapped up into a payroll service provider. It was difficult to extract what the actual costs were, what the associated fees were, and then demonstrate the claims management or lack there of. We reviewed their large complicated contract, dissected it, and presented it in a format so that they could make a proper decision on whether or not to remove workers’ compensation from their overall payroll system and service. In the end, we gave them the information they needed to make this important business decision; while saving them a lot of money.

"We’re relentless in our drive to serve our clients, to cut the best deals for them; explain to them why it’s important, and give them all the proper information so they feel informed, and can make better risk buying decisions."

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