Konstantine Raftopoulos

My name is Konstantine Raftopoulos. I work in the Financial Institutions Group at Crystal & Company. I’ve been here for about 11 years.

What differentiates Crystal & Company?
Our level of expertise is what I think separates us from our competitors. It’s a matter of understanding our client’s business, understanding their needs, understanding the situations that may come up and how to properly address them; ultimately, providing our clients with the right solutions.

The client experience
Our clients are very appreciative of the work that we do for them, and I think that shows in our high client retention rate. There are always situations where clients are complimenting us on the fact that we take a very consultative approach versus just trying to sell them a product.
Prospective clients should consider Crystal & Company because of our unparalleled personal touch and high standards of customer service. Whether we’re preparing materials over the weekend for a board presentation or handling a very sensitive deal- we work hard to provide immediate feedback on how certain items may affect them from an overall insurance standpoint as well as supply them with effective risk management solutions.

"At Crystal & Company we strive to set the bar very high for our clients. There’s never a situation where we aren’t looking to put the needs of our clients first."

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