Mike Vuoto

My name is Michael Vuoto. I’ve been at Crystal & Company for five years. I’m an Account Executive in our Employee Benefits Services department. 

What’s the best thing about working at Crystal & Company?
The best part about working here is the people. Everyone has his or her own unique background stories and experiences to draw from.

How is the Crystal & Company experience different?
We make our relationships personal. It makes us better counselors and makes the work we do so much more meaningful.

One of my clients is a nonprofit that I have been working with since I joined the company. Over the course of time, I have become close with some of their employees from attending different functions or fundraisers. A member of their team had a surgery coming up, and she said, “hey listen, I’m just nervous about this. I’m nervous about the paperwork, and some of the questions that will come up with the insurance company.” So, we exchanged phone numbers, and I was able to work with her personally to give her some advice. She called me any time she needed help, which put her mind at ease. Her employer was very grateful that I went the extra mile and that I actually cared about their employees. Having that personal touch definitely strengthens our relationships and it makes my work so much more rewarding.

"I’m going to want to learn about your business, I’m going to want to learn about your employees, and I’m actually going to care."

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