Reiko Gimler

I’m Reiko Gimler and I’ve been with Crystal & Company for three years working in the Underwriting Financial Analysis Team in the Employee Benefits Department.

What excites you about working at Crystal & Company?
I enjoy working at Crystal & Company because of the way we work together as a team. We’re structured so that we have a full service team of professionals that includes experts in different functional areas. It’s a collaborative environment that’s unique in our industry.

How do you feel about the company values?
It’s easy to create a set of core values, but at Crystal & Company our values are more than just words, they are what make us tick. For me what resonates most is that we are relentless. That kind of drive can only work if it is a common belief among the entire team. You see that here every day.

"I love working on the team because it is a big collaboration of like-minded people who are relentless in their drive for one particular goal: to satisfy the customer."

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