Tim Crowley

My name is Tim Crowley. I’m the Managing Director of the Professional Risk Group. I’ve been working at Crystal & Company for over 13 years.

What is the most exciting and rewarding part of Crystal & Company?
Exceeding clients’ expectations is certainly rewarding, but it also provides you with a good feeling of self worth and accomplishment, which I think keeps things fresh and unique. It keeps you looking forward to the next similar situation to almost outdo yourself. Clients do appreciate it, but you also have to appreciate your own work too. I think that is also what allows you to generate different levels of success within the company, and keep moving up yourself.

What sets Crystal & Company apart?
The thing that sets Crystal & Company apart from our competitors is really two fold. Firstly, I believe we listen better than our competitors. Often, when brokers are speaking with a new client, they talk about themselves – what makes them great, what they’re going to do. We believe listening to our clients is key. Then, specific deliverables should follow. Our clients appreciate a timeline and strategy that is tailored to them–a plan that says, “Here’s how we are going to solve for your particular needs.”

"Every client has different challenges. By listening and understanding their needs, we are able to design solutions that accommodate their unique circumstances and develop the optimal program for their risk profile."

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