Specialists in our Environmental Practice help identify what environmental risks might be caused by your business and the potential ecological and health hazards they could present. We provide guidance on the cost of those risks and the benefits of working to eliminate them while factoring in the consequences of EPA law and relevant compliance considerations. Our understanding of the components required to analyze this type of risk gives us the ability to customize insurance programs to meet the needs and objectives of clients. Working with all property and casualty teams, we ensure that environmental considerations are fully integrated across all lines of insurance to eliminate any potential gaps or overlaps in coverage.

Our team brings extensive transactional experience to its work with lenders, attorneys, financial sponsors, and real estate investors, addressing complex environmental exposures with urgency and a focus on results. A background of industry risk management and reinsurance enables our professionals to identify and quantify environmental risks (technical, operational, contractual, and financial) before designing cost-effective solutions that are consistent with customers' financial and operational objectives.

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