As globalization continues to make businesses borderless, evolving regulation and compliance needs require sophisticated risk management solutions to help protect the interests of companies at home and overseas. Crystal’s International Practice works to develop a comprehensive global risk management plan that addresses clients’ specific needs in every jurisdiction in which they do business.

Crystal is a founding partner and equity owner of Brokerslink, a global alliance of 10,000 leading independent insurance professionals in more than 100 countries and 400 offices placing $20 billion in premiums worldwide. Through Brokerslink, our International Practice can offer integrated services, a global strategic approach, and genuine local knowledge to businesses and multinational enterprises across industries. For clients domiciled in the United States with operations abroad, we are the main point of contact, providing local support through partners in whatever countries they may operate in.


Leading independent insurance professionals in over 90 countries and 400 offices worldwide

As an equity owner of Brokerslink, we have been instrumental in formulating the organization’s operations. The alliance, modeled on shared ownership, gives each broker a stake in assuring the highest standards—exceptional service, innovative solutions, and quick reactions to changing regulations all over the world. ­­

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